Warning: Always supervise your pet when chewing any chew product including antlers and do not let your  pet  chew antlers unattended.   Take antler away from your pet if it becomes a swallowing or chewing hazard.  If any small or sharp piece breaks away from the antler, you should immediately remove it from your pet. 
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are any animals harmed in the collection of BuckeyBite antlers? [+]
    No! BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews are 100% shed antlers. Deer and elk naturally shed their antlers once a year and re-grow them annually. For this reason, shed antlers do not provide a large supply for the market making them highly coveted by pet owners as well as the dietary supplement industry. It is nature's way of providing a highly beneficial byproduct of the natural wild.
  2. What benefits do antlers present? [+]
    BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews are completely natural. They have been nature's "perfect chew" for the K9 population as well as other animals since the dawn of time. They provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium which support the overall health and well being of your dog.

    They are particularly helpful in the support of bone, joint and muscle health. Since they are 100% natural, they do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. They are also non-allergenic and your dogs will love them.

    In addition, BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews help to promote the dental health of your pet. Again, they are nature's perfect natural source that help clean and maintain your pet's dental hygiene.

  3. What essential minerals are in BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews?
    Our antlers are a natural source for the following essential minerals:
    a. Lipids - which are essential for the growth and development of your pet
    b. Collagen - Excellent for supporting your pets bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage
    c. Calcium - Supports bone and teeth
    d. Glucosamine - Excellent for the support of your pets joints and tissues
    e. Iron - Important for the support of healthy blood cells
    f. Potassium - Excellent for nerve and muscle function
    g. Phosphorus - Also benefits bone and teeth
    h. Magnesium - Helps with the storing and the releasing of energy
  4. What type of animals contribute their shed antlers for BuckeyBites? [+]
    We use antlers from deer and elk in A grade (a rich brown color), B grade (brown on one side and somewhat white on the other) and C grade (white in color as parched by the sun)
  5. Is there a difference in the nutritional value offered in either A, B or C grade antlers? [+]
    No, not at all. The different grades offer all the same amount of nutritional value for your pet.
  6. Do BuckeyBites last longer than other type of chew products offered on the market today? [+]
    Yes, they last at least four to five times longer than traditional chew products currently offered on the market today.
  7. What if my dog does not immediately take to BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews products? [+]
    The introduction of BuckeyBites may be initially foreign to domesticated animals. If your pet seems to be cautious of their introduction, a simple and healthy solution can be offered with the addition of some peanut butter to the antler. Simply rub a little on and watch your pet go to town.
  8. I gave my dog a dear antler first and she didn't seem to take to it as well as the split elk antler. Why is that? [+]
    Domesticated dogs should be properly introduced to antler chews. We recommend that you start your dog off with a split elk antler. The marrow of the split elk antler is exposed and easy to access for your pet. They can immediately start enjoying the taste and benefits of the antler chew with the marrow exposed. Once properly introduced with this starter antler, your dog can then be introduced to a closed elk split antler. Ultimately, your dog can be given a closed dear antler. The closed deer antler will last the longest and give your pet the most out of their chewing experience.
Remember, if your pet is not initially interested in BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews, smear a little peanut butter on or rub a little beef broth on it. Please don't soak the antler in broth for an extended period as this may cause leakage onto your floor.
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BuckyBites All Natural Antler Chews are pet treats for dogs. They last longer than regular dog chews and provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium.
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