About Our Antlers:
BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews are 100% shed antlers. This means that no animals are harmed in the collection of our products. Deer and elk naturally shed their antlers once a year and re-grow them annually. For this reason, shed antlers do not provide a large supply for the market making them highly coveted by pet owners as well as the dietary supplement industry. It is nature's way of providing a highly beneficial byproduct of the natural wild.

We use only the highest grade of North American shed antlers. Your pet will love chewing on a variety of different size and shapes. BuckeyBites All Natural Antler Chews are much different than traditional chew products found on the market today. They not only last much longer, but they also provide essential minerals for your pet, helping to maintain and support their overall health and well being.
Our antlers are a natural source for the following essential minerals:
a. Lipids - Which are essential for the growth and development of your pet
b. Collagen - Excellent for supporting your pet's bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage
c. Calcium - Supports bone and teeth
d. Glucosamine - Excellent for the support of your pet's joints and tissues
e. Iron - Important for the support of healthy blood cells
f. Potassium - Excellent for nerve and muscle function
g. Phosphorus - Also benefits bone and teeth
h. Magnesium - Helps with the storing and the releasing of energy

Other benefits that our deer antlers and elk antlers provide include:
a. A healthier coat
b. Supports kidney function
c. They contain no dyes or preservatives
d. They are odor free
e. They are a non-allergenic treat
f. They are 100% natural

Warning: Always supervise your pet when chewing any chew product including antlers and do not let your  pet  chew antlers unattended.   Take antler away from your pet if it becomes a swallowing or chewing hazard.  If any small or sharp piece breaks away from the antler, you should immediately remove it from your pet.
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BuckyBites All Natural Antler Chews are pet treats for dogs. They last longer than regular dog chews and provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium.
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